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Happy Communities

The genesis of Darjeeling has been such that it has evolved as a melting pot of several communities. Local inhabitants of Nepali, Sikkimese and Bhutanese origin were already there; the English came in and their imperialistic entrepreneurship forced them to bring in a lot of labour and clerical man power; also Chinese found a place through the trade routes; and European missionaries, all found their home in Darjeeling.

The village folk consist of the most simple and the ever smiling happy people. They are hardworking people and spend most time of the day in their agricultural work. They have a rich tradition of living with nature and can be discovered only in villages. As the British were in Darjeeling for quite a long time, the culture of going to school developed very early among the local inhabitants and settlers, most of the time the children traveled miles to reach school.

Help Tourism at the Swiss Hotel in Darjeeling has identified a few villages at different locations having their own unique experiences for the Darjeeling traveler to discover. Capacities of these villagers have been developed to host visitors, or even families have been identified who have orientation with the outside world and yet try and live as traditionally as possible. These are the people of the mountains who have always lived in this area.

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