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“If the stranger says unto thee…..that thirsteth, give him a cup of tea. This is what Confucius had said. Darjeeling Tea cannot be produced anywhere else except the Darjeeling Hills. Because of its geographical location, this tea has its own delicate ‘muscatel’ flavour, fine aroma and exquisite bouquet. The tea gardens are situated between 1800ft to 7000ft above msl and the result of the combination of plant genes, soil chemistry, elevations, temperatures, rainfall and the more than a century old tradition of the people, Darjeeling produces the best tea in the world. Every garden is a wonder in itself and one must spend some time in the tea gardens of Darjeeling Hills to discover the secret behind this cup of tea. Help Tourism from Darjeeling also makes arrangement for discovering this age old tradition.

Staying at the heritage bungalows of the planters, joining the tea people in plucking, processing and tasting of the finest tea of the world…and above everything is experiencing the unique life of the planters in the tea gardens, you will have to log on to www.TeaTourIndia.com- a site dedicated to Tea Tourism.

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