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Holy Spirits

Darjeeling with the presence of several communities have a diversified culture of beliefs, from the culture worshipping nature to worshipping in temples, monasteries, churches, mosques, gurudwara etc; all very well established in the very style of Darjeeling. There has never been any religious conflict as there is an aroma of Holiness in the air of Darjeeling itself and any effort to make connections with ones own inner self there couldn’t be a better place.

The most exciting spiritual journey in the Darjeeling Hills and the adjoining area is the process of discovering the ‘Living Buddhism in the Himalayas’. Most of the faith and practice in here is Tantric Buddhism. The age old traditions have been preserved in these monasteries of East Himalaya. The mystery, the spirituality and the achievements can only be experienced by spending some useful time in these centres and with the Gurus.

With permission from some of these institutions and Gurus, Help Tourism at the Swiss Hotel in Darjeeling has put together a package for the interested.

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